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I haven't been kicked before, but I've had people drop from SM flashpoints for some really ridiculous reasons. There was a need/greed argument that basically consisted of: "Gimme." "No." "Goodbye." There was a dps who thought I was a bad healer when in reality he was just a bad dps who kept attacking before the tank. There was a tank who I apparently "didn't heal well enough" even though he survived every encounter without his health ever dropping below a third or so.

I've also avoided kicking stupid people on occasion, mostly because it's just an SM FP. You know how the "Prophet of Vodal" Athiss boss spawns fireballs that chase people, and how he resets if someone gets killed, resurrects, and runs back into the room? Despite preemptively warning everybody of these two facts, we had a dps who got killed by the fireballs and then ran back in even though we already had the boss down to a sliver of health. But instead of kicking and waiting for another dps, we decided it wasn't worth the trouble and just started the fight again.

Oddly enough, all of those incidents are from the SAME flashpoint run. When we finally finished the damn thing, I vowed never to run Athiss again, or at least to never run it as the healer. That flashpoint is annoying to run as a healer even with competent players.
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