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Bioware this is simply outrageous... people that have bought the game cant play it. its pointless to ask for a credit card when there are some guys who just want to try the game for a month and see how it goes. Got 2 friends that got the game on launch and for their own personal reasons do not want to commit to a supscription plan yet, what does this mean for them? their money goes to waste? they cant play the game they paid for? Why are we even discussing something like this!!!!
i agree with you there, its quite strange that you have to enter a CC/something else to be able to play and use the 30 days free play time every1 got when buying the game. i could understand if you have to enter it after these 30 days are over, but oh well... its made this way and every1 has to accept it.

i myself know 3 people who are also not willing to enter any details for CC or so. this morning them brought the game back to the store where thy bought the game. after they explained the reason why they want to bring the game back, the manager of the store decided to give them there money back....
dont know what happens now with there copy of the game, because the key is used and can never be sold again. but it shows that there are some shops out there that understand the "mess" thats going on and was caused with the suscriptiion rule.