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I am seeing this more and more and I have to say, because of this I am queuing less and less. There are too many people who are queuing for Flashpoints who have far out leveled the thing, and they are just hurting the XP for those of us who are within that level range. These players who are doing this are obviously not going to stop, so the problem in itself needs to be addressed and fixed by Bioware.

Furthermore, player pre 50 are skipping mobs and going completely out of their way to avoid having to kill anything in these Flashpoints. They act like they are level 50 and all they want are the comms. This also needs to be addressed and fixed.

Players are obviously not going to stop, so it needs to be fixed. I am sick of sitting in a Flashpoint queue for what seems to be an eternity just to get on a team that either has a player way too high for the Flashpoint or getting in with a team that seems to think they need to skip all the mobs. Do players not realize how fast you can level if you take the time to kill the mobs in these things? As long as everyone is within the 3 level range of each toher, the XP is insane, yet people want to skip them.

It's getting to a point that I am never queuing for Flashpoints anymore.
Dude, don't come to the forums and complain, fix it yourself.

Just ask the group if you can kill the mobs for the XP. Mention that it gives a lot.

Hell, adverstise the idea of LFG to do flashpoint X and kill all the mobs for the XP on the appropriate level planet. You'll get people to bite and none of them will be overleveled.

If that still doesn't work, roll a tank. THAT will definitely work.