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Voice Actors

1. Jennifer Hale - I can't help it. She's my favorite voice actress. She is why I play a femShep in every Mass Effect game. She's really good as Bastila and Satele Shan, as well as the female trooper in SWTOR. Also, bonus fact: she voices Senator Riyo Chuchi, Aayla Secura, and Lolo Purs (the Rodian woman from "Senate Murders") in The Clone Wars.

2. James Earl Jones - Darth frickin' Vader. Nothing else needs to be said.

3. Dee Bradley Baker - He voices every clone in The Clone Wars. EVERY clone. They all have the same voice, and yet he somehow manages to differentiate them really well.

This was kind of tough, because the VA's of The Clone Wars are all pretty awesome. Personally, I can't imagine Anakin as anybody but Matt Lanter any more, and Tom Kane somehow manages to pull off voicing both Yoda and Admiral Yularen.

As for actors:

1. Liam Neeson - For no other reason than because he's Liam Neeson.

2. Ian McDiarmid - He was great as the Emperor in the original trilogy, and he pulled off Palpatine really well in the prequels. He was pretty awful during the Yoda fight in Episode III (to the point where the whole fight felt comical), but even the other good actors were pretty bad in that movie, so it's excusable since he actually did a really good job up until that point. I'd actually thought someone else was playing Palpatine at first, since they did such a good job of making him seem younger than his original trilogy counterpart.

3. Alec Guinness - He really had that "wise old man" vibe while playing Obi-Wan.
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