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Dear Players,

we have a fantastic news!

We introduce to you the "Achievement System"!

Isn't you excited, because we are. It fantastic (for us *mwahaha*)

However most of the achievement available only by CM items, but don't worry, you still get your 500CC.
If you are a completionist, well... Hey, did I mentioned you get 500CC, and how excited we are?!

Wow guys, it's fantastic!!! Isn't it?!

And of course subbers get new content as well, just look at this list:

- Cheap ***** lightsaber Hilt

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Ah, yes, yes it is!!
Thanks for posting this, I am thrilled, and the value of my sub just went up, in fact I am going to pay for a years sub, so at the end of the year I can have 6000 cartel coins, man what a deal, and all the great items in the cartel shop really makes me want to go out an play the game, taking my cool new speeder out and doing that daily content over and over and over again, it might be boring but with all the armor and a cool ride I can look cool while doinig it, and you know it's all about looking good, even if that new helm clips and my chest piece clips I payed real for money them even with the clipping they look damn cool I can't wait to spend real money in the barbershop to get that new hair style change the color of my eyes, maybe get a scar on the face to brag about my fight with the pirates, I have given away all my in game currency, the cartel store is all you need ..LOL

and for those that have no since humor yes I am kidding, kinda...
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