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03.26.2013 , 07:36 PM | #3835
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Then, no offense to you, but that was your and your friends view, then you should have rerolled on a different server with a bigger population.

But never mind... what's done is done. I'm sick of this arguing about this and just accepting fate, sad and disappointing as it maybe. Oh well... nice to have played this game anyway.

Not to say this game isn't fun but I'm happy with the characters I've leveled already.
And seeing as there are no paid char transfers I can't move them to a populated server.
The thought of re-rolling another character is not appealing to me in the slightest way.
Sure a merge between apac servers might be okay but let's face it, the decision has been made.
I highly doubt all the crying and whinging and petitions will change anything.
The Aussie servers are just not worth being kept on to eaware.