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well i find it hard to believe that AP has been the sole force behind class balance for the entire life of the game. there had to have been a larger team at one point, and then all that scaling down bioware did back in spring '12 probably cut away all of his support.

what irks me the most is that we, the community, are more than willing to act as his "teammates" on design, balance, and implementation. and not only will we do it for free, but we PAY 15$ a month for the chance to do it!

bioware needs to help us help them. in any game, there is a tier of players that know the game better than the devs. its just the way things are; for them its a job, for us its a hobby to master. AP would be wise to spend more time interacting with the community. even if he just personally posted in 1 thread a day, that would be incredible. it doesnt even always have to be a meaningful post, just let us know he is alive and interested in the thoughts of the community.

unless his boss says no. that Metrics guy seems to have AP locked in a room and chained to a computer.
so much this
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.