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I tend to disagree. Smashers etc can almost take on 2 lesser classes even with the same gear. So many defensive/damage mitigation abilities plus insane dmg. They are at least 50% stronger than any other class atm, even powertechs. This could easily be quick patched by reducing smash damage by half. 4k for an instant attack is plenty. My commando in full expertise gear and ewh and augs has only crit low 4k for a 5 grav round demo round AT BEST. This is after 3x 1.5 second casts.

<< I can understand these types of things being around for a month or two while people get geared. Any more than that, there is absolutely positively no excuse for not having a quick fix.>>

The answer? Simple. "That guy" plays the class that is redonkulous and ignores all feedback to tune it down. Then "that guy" gets tired of said class and another class is magically OP. This is the evolution of most MMOs (actually all). It's called CORRUPTION. Same thing as our government, people who abuse their power for self gain. The people have voted and made it clear what to do for months. There is NO excuse.
THANK YOU. Someone else is starting to spread the word.

Lets keep demanding /played by AC and skill tree from the devs.