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I can tell you from experience that the operations are being split into 2 distinct categories: level 50 ops and level 55 ops. EV/KP/EC are 50, TFB/SV are 55. In 2.0 level 50s can GF queue for SM EV/KP/EC (I think) and 55s can (only) queue for SM TFB/SV. So you're going to need to find a pug group to do the first 3 ops. That said, I really kind of think TFB and SV stand on their own as far as story goes. If you've done the full belsavis planet, you've got enough backstory to understand what's going on. Keep in mind that the current story arc starts with KP->EC->TFB->SV, so if you're really into it, finish up SM KP and SM EC before doing level 55 group finder. Hope that helps.
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