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As the Marines I know would say, "Yut, kill!"

I'm actually very curious about this duel now, since you as the author have an equal if not greater attachment to the two assassins as to the canon characters. So, plot armor is probably null and void for the time being.
It's gonna be a close one. That's for sure. I've never written a two-on-two duel before, so we shall see how this goes.

I'll probably switch perspectives between The Shadow and The Assassin every paragraph.

Chapter 22

Csilla- Csaplar- Spaceport

The Shadow leapt to his brother's side. They stood back to back, facing their Jedi adversaries. The two Twi'leks slowly separated. The Assassin making his way to Kyle Katarn, while The Shadow approached Jaina Solo. The hum of lightsabers was all that could be heard within the Defender's docking zone.

The Shadow made a slight feint leftward, bringing his lightsaber to bear from the right. Jaina parried his blow, guiding it down and shoving in to engage The Shadow in tight quarters. She raised her right elbow up and hit The Shadow in the jaw. He quickly stumbled backwards and raised his double-bladed lightsaber to defend.

The Assassin made a low slash to Kyle's feet. Kyle leapt over The Assassin, landing behind him. He unleashed a powerful Force Push. The blast sent The Assassin careening into the Defender shuttle. The Assassin landed with a heavy thud, but quickly got up, shaking his head to gather his bearings. He retaliated with a burst of Force Lightning. Kyle blocked the bolts, absorbing them into his lightsaber.

The Shadow was pressing an offensive on Jaina Solo. He made quick strikes, alternating ends on his lightsaber with lightning speed. He was forcing Jaina back, but she was still able to block his blows. He continued to force her back, spinning his blade with each exchange to keep her off balance. Their lightsabers clashed briefly. The two is a stand-off until Jaina broke The Shadow's offensive.

The Assassin flipped back from a stab by Kyle Katarn. Upon his landing, he quickly sprinted to re-engage. He unleashed a torrent of blows, bringing his lightsaber down in a furious assault. He incorporated a spinning blade technique into his assault. Each blow came with lightning quick speed, followed by another blow from the other end of his lightsaber. The Assassin reached out with the Force, probing Kyle Katarn. He could feel the elder Jedi Master wearing down.

The Shadow had fallen back to the defensive. Jaina made heavy strikes, each blow coming in from a different angle. The Shadow backpedalled under the relentless onslaught. He feinted a strike from his frontal blade before bringing his rear blade in for a horizontal strike aimed at Jaina's right arm. In her attempt to block the frontal blade, her right arm was caught by The Shadow's deceptive attack. The blade created a deep gash in her arm, but she continued fighting. With renewed vigor at the success of his attack, The Shadow unleashed a new offensive.

The Assassin dodged left, the stab from Kyle's blade catching his left arm, leaving a small burn. Kyle attacked, using the fifth form of lightsaber combat to its fullest. The venerable Jedi Master made heavy downward strikes, followed by an equally powerful horizontal strike. Each strike was intent on destroying The Assassin's lightsaber.

The Shadow continued his offensive, using the two ends of his double-bladed lightsaber to make quick strikes. He could see Jaina Solo slowing, each block strained her arm. The Shadow took advantage of her fatigue. He made several quick strikes, each of them vertical upward or downward strikes. The Shadow made two more downward strikes then brought the hilt of his blade up, hitting Jaina in the chin. He then batted her lightsaber aside and sweeped her legs.

The Assassin continued to backpedal, letting Kyle wear himself out. As Kyle continued his assault, The Assassin studied the attack for weaknessess. With each strike, Kyle was weakening, suffering from The Assassin's dark power. He used the Force to slowly drain Kyle's energy.

The Shadow raised his lightsaber for the killing blow, savoring his victory over the helpless Jedi. As his lightsaber came down to impale her, Jaina used the Force to call her lightsaber to her. In a move too quick for the eye to follow, Jaina sweeped The Shadow's legs and impaled him in the chest with her own lightsaber.

The Assassin knocked Kyle back with a Force Push and watched in horror as Jaina Solo killed his brother. "Brother! No!" He shouted, his voice pained as if he had felt the blow. He blocked a slashing strike from Kyle. He broke Kyle's defense and brought his rear blade down to stab Kyle in the knee, the blade barely missing the bone. He pulled his blade out and sent Kyle careening past Jaina with a powerful burst of Force Lightning.

"You will pay for that, Jedi!" The Assassin yelled. "I'll kill you!"

The Assassin fired a burst of lightning before charging at Jaina Solo. Their lightsaber clashed. The Assassin growled as he pushed through Jaina's weakened defenses and unleashed a flurry of blows. His eyes burned with unmatched anger. His assault was quick. A full offensive was unleashed by The Assassin, with Jaina barely able to keep up.

With a sudden feint, The Assassin shoulder charged Jaina, knocking her to the ground.

"Now... DIE!" He yelled as he raised his lightsaber. But before he could bring it down, he felt a sudden pain. He looked down and saw a blue lightsaber sticking out of his abdomen. It was Kyle Katarn's lightsaber. He slowly turned his head and saw Kyle on the ground several meters behind him, a look of satisfaction on his face. The Assassin dropped his lightsaber, falling to his knees.

The blade retracted from his abdomen and returned to its master. The Assassin fell right, landing on the cold durasteel softly. "I'm sorry, brother." He said as his life ended.

*** *** *** ***

The Herald of Death- Bridge

The Master gripped the armrests of his throne. "Dead..." He said softly to himself. "Impossible."

He felt their deaths in The Force. His most trusted of students were dead. The Master was threatened to weep for their passing, but his sadness was overcome with rage. He had considered Jaina Solo insignificant, but the murder of three of his students had made her a serious threat.

His attention now turned to his daughter, hoping that she could do what The Assassin and The Shadow could not.
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