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Been playing this a while now, and since I started space missions, and found out more about particular parts of SWOR, mainly techie stuff, and work arounds to make my charactor and and companion more effective and durable, its hard to get me out of the Chair.

But, I do find, the younger players, and the more experienced ones, need to learn p\atience ( good old Obi Quote), silver surfers, who, like me, Are doing our best, but, Im not really understanding group fighting missions, except in warzones, I get kicked from groups, because No one bothers to take me through the ropes on what to do.

the guild i joined, did the same, kicked me from a group they made, because I got lost. Now no one chats to me any longer, and I cant leave the guild as I cant? The command don't work to leave the guild, so im stuck in it forever it seems, sent a ticket, about it, but all I got back was an automated message saying read forums, What happened to live Mods that were in WoW? I helped a guy out today, but I was blocked from following him into the main end mission area, thus i couldnt do anything to help. needless to say he perished, and he was quite abusive and said fuu, so I dont join in any groups any longer, I keep myself to myself, along with my ships droid and companion. Noobs are never liked or helped in guilds or groups, they expect you know everything, and they often forget they were noobs once.
Otherwise very happy with game play and missions, some lag at times, but not a great deal so far. Next week upgrading my old 19inch fujitsu Monitor to a 22inch HD Widescreen, (my easter treat ) so hoping for even better looking game, than on this old screen with some dead pixels. Already pre orded the new Hutt digital download, as Im a huge Hutt fan
Hi Taylor not sure what command you tried to use to leave the guild but just to be sure did you try /gquit hope this helps