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Question why do you people continue to debate on it? This has got to be one of the biggest threads out on this place, besides it's up in the expansion.
Because we discuss companion romance which are not in the expansion and how those might be implemented and with whom. We also have discussed non-binary gender representation and the general attitude to the LGBT community represented in this game (cissexist, heterocentric, if you'd like to know) as well as covering on the topic of biological "destiny" in female-character opposite-gender romances (that they all end with the assumption that babies are inescapable.)

We are not debating the introduction of SGR's, but rather the implementation of SGRA's with companions or non-companion NPCs (this being based on the assumption that all of the Makeb interactions will be one-off [flirt]s or one night stands, as Mr. Gonzalez stated in the previous incarnation of this thread.)

Of course you would know all of that if you'd done more than just post your displeasure at our continued existence.