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03.26.2013 , 01:19 PM | #17
I must be coming to a differant conclusion than most people, but that quote does not tell me that indiviual class stories have been abandoned entirely. What I take away from it is that there will be more smaller expansions like RotHC that deals with Republic/Imperial storylines. The class stories will be reserved for larger expansions, of which we may only see one or two, maybe three, over the next four to six years.

In other words, Bioware is going to release small expansions more frequently than the large ones we would expect. Maybe 2-3 small expansions before the large one expanding the class stories. Given that things have changed so many times since launch and so many people from BW say things that contrdict each other, who the hell knows what they are going to do?

Like I said, I have a differant take on the recent statement regarding storylines. I just do not see them abandoning the class stories completely given that they pushed the game hard based on those stories. We just won't get the updates as often as we would like.