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I can ses the big picture of entering a galactic war. That sets the stage perfectly for furthering the story of the classes (at least the ones I've played I know for sure)

Now there are only two stories to play through with Makeb, Republic/Empire. That gets dull which is why I don't do the planetary story arcs anymore, I've seen them, they lost their value after the 5th time. Now if there was another chapter to play through for the classes on Makeb, then OMG thats 8 chapters of more fun and story, yes please!

Hope BW realises how much of an impact this has, I'm holding out for completing the remaining class stories... If the stories aren't expanded uppon by the time I'm done or there isn't anything left here game mechanic wise that would entice me to stay then bye swtor, my friends and I are off to better things.

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