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03.26.2013 , 12:51 PM | #11
i made a bunch of decisions at the end of my inquisitor storyline that SHOULD have impact on the story that follows, at least 2-3 decisions.

so if bioware isn't suppose to keep people here for story or end-game happy... then what are they suppose to do?
come out with more and more armor sets and pets that you buy for real money so u can put that money into one-story-fits-all expansions? i dont know who is driving the ship into the iceberg, but just give us a chapter four.. say that with the success of the expansion and the cartel market (i know u are making boat loads of cash and downsizing like crazy) that you are happy to announce that writers will begin working on Chapter 4 of each classes personal story (if they havent already you are dooming yourself to become just another mmo) and you would like our input on how each story could be continued.