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I agree with most of what you're saying about the animation division and LucasArts being a dead horse that Disney just decided to stop beating.

However, Disney does in fact, owe you something. Not if you're a fan, but if you're a... stockholder. Now's a fine time to purchase stock in Disney, gentlemen, before Ep. VII drives the price through the roof. Even the Prequel Trilogy, which was torn apart by critics and upset fans alike, still made a killing at the box office.

Plus, if you own stock in Disney, you are a shareholder in the company. Then when you write Bob Iger and say, "Save TCW! Don't make a Yoda film, it'll be super retarded!" You won't just be a crazy fan that they have to consider, "Is this guy a wild loner, or does he represent the average Star Wars fan?" you'll be a shareholder who can say, "As a stockholder, I am concerned for my stake in your company due to your recent treatment of certain parts of the Star Wars IP, namely the animation department of LucasFilm. Blah blah blah, I think you should continue production of the animation series that has received <critical acclaim X, critical acclaim Y, etc.> not only because of it's popularity among fans of the Star Wars series, but because of the valuable intellectual property it would continue to produce for Disney."
I can't disagree with stockholders but the thread was about owing the fans without saying if they hold stock.