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Wow.. just wow. You "need" to fail? It's not possible that someone who is a skilled player, veteran pvper from other MMOs should have any chance for success until they waste hundreds of hours to get geared max?

Also, where is the prestige in SWtOR pvp? Being in a winning Rep warzone or being one of the thousands of winning Imperial warzones where they don't have to try because the Republic have learned not to?

I would *love* to see you take the time you spent writing this guide on a write up of the things Bioware have done wrong with warzone class balancing. That would have been time well spent -- not "you need to fail over and over in order to suceed". That's just tripe.
"This is not the thread you're looking for. You can go about your business. Move along."

If you don't want a guide for people new to pvp, why did you read this? This is actually good info for people not 'expert' (ahem) in other MMO PVP. And please, tell us all what better things we can do with our time, in order to better serve YOU.

Side note: One nearly always learns more from failure than from success. You will find that 'losing' does not make one a 'loser'. If you learn why these 2 things are important, you may go far.
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