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Thanks a ton for the advice and I appreciate all of it! I did have a good experience last night doing Cademimu for the first time. The guys were patient as heck. We did have a wipe but I donít think it was my fault (those dogs hit hard!).

I do have a question though. Iíve been focusing on mods more than the gear itself. For instance, instead of upgrading whole pieces of armor/weapons, Iíll just upgrade the mods it has. If I get an item I canít use, but it has an enhancement I can, Iíll strip it instead of sale it. Do worry, Iíll never need on an item just cause it has a mod I can use. Wise or not?

Also, I started playing when the only west coast PVE server available was Harbinger so that's were I'm at.
that's good because you can keep the same look and just upgrade the mods, if you're doing all the side missions you'll get more than enough commendations to keep your armour and weapons up to date. well if the item has the stats that you need then you can need on it. just be careful that if you've got multiple players make sure it's for your role. so if your a commando and there's a vanguard as well don't need on his tank gear, and he shouldn't need if its healer or dps gear for your character. if your the only one with aim in the group then anything with aim is valid for you to need on.