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03.26.2013 , 11:00 AM | #219
A clear no to this idea, at the current state of the game, from my point of view.

Been in a warzone with 3 lolshashers today 1. jump - smash 2. jump - smash 3. jump - smash, and people dropping dead left and right.

On our server, the ranked pvp teams have come to an agreement by now that if any ranked team they face brings in a smasher, they opposing team immediately quit the warzone as a full team, and the guilds/team name is mentioned to the other teams, which in term shall lead to the smasher team being isolated as everyone will quit and refuse to play them till they remove the smasher.

Frankly, i don't see why these people getting punished by a quitter lockout for getting a working solution to have good ranked warzone matches where BioWare refuses to adress and acknowledge the issue they patched into the game.

I am not generally against a quitters cooldown, but as long as the pvp part of this game is neglected as a side effect of the pve game, and worse, mistakes are not even addressed (after all, Jugs/guardians and Maras/sentinels were fine before BW decided to buff focus/rage skyhigh, why not roll it back to its previous state and revisit the buff tills its working properly?), i don't see that.

Give pvp the attention it deserves, balance it, for heavens sake implement a matchmaking system, and then rightfully lock people who quit from warzone...But in that order, imo, not the other way round