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03.26.2013 , 10:47 AM | #152
I donít understand this thread at all. This is my first MMO and still new, and yes still a PUG, but frankly I could care less about whither a team is pre-made or not. I havenít done many WZ yet but Iím sure Iíll loss a ton more than Iíll win. If I win I say ďCool, that was fun, letís do it again!Ē If I lose I say, ďDamn, good job guys, that was fun letís do it again!Ē

I think the biggest problem with PUGs is that someone is scared to take charge. If someone says to me, ďgo here and do thisĒ, then thatís exactly what Iíll do and if we lose big time, who cares. Every WZ, FP, heroic you play, win or lose, PUG or pre-made, you get better. I think the key to winning is learning to take instruction and act quickly, even pre-mades have to deal with the variable of what they will face.

Ask yourself this question, would you rather have SWTOR with all its bugs/flaws, or would you rather have BW scrap the whole thing because the system isnít what you want it to be and you get beat. If everyone unsubscribes because they have issues with one aspect of the game, SWTOR will go away. I for one would miss it....

I play 20+ hours a week, if I played 50 WZ matches and lost them all, it would still be fun!