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Hey Gang,

I would just like to pop in here and offer some of our perspective on this topic. A lot of good points on both sides have been thrown around here, and extending our current vote kick penalty (or something similar to it) to players who opt to leave the Warzone is definitely something that we discuss. However, at this time we feel like the negative consequences of putting in such a system (such as hurting players who crash out of a Warzone) don't overcome the potential gain. With healthy Warzone queues, players will backfill into a game relatively quickly (side note: we are receptive to the complaints that you can get back filled into a really terrible position, that is something I want to try to address), and even if we prevented people from requeueing that doesn't necessarily stop them from leaving or going AFK at a point.

All of that being said, I do think the Civil War Warzone specifically has some issues that really shines a bright light on reasons people would leave. Inherently, CW is the Warzone that has the hardest time for a team to come from behind and that leads to a higher percentage of players to give up once they feel like the game is lost (and that feeling can occur very early into a game). My team and I are working to try to come with some solutions to this CW issue specifically, to see if we can improve the general Warzone itself and fight some of this problem at the root cause instead of the effect.
For starters thank you so much for commenting on this thread, its the first time i have seen anyone from your team doing that.

It looks to me you see what I see and it feels good that you do. Civil war isn't the only warzone people don't apply themselves too, Nova Coast and Void Star people leave them like its no tomorrow. And your right backfill ends of filling into a spot where there is almost no chance, I can't stress how unfun it is geting into already in session games where people cant hack it and quit and there is no chance to win.

As you well know all my points only lead to a deserter buff, I really don't see any other option, I understand you think there is no gain from it and the subs and ftp players will be cry like a lost child over it, but I do think some rules would help the matter as well.

Ty Bioware for the comment, you did make my day and I do hope you consider a deserter buff option, I am telling you some rules for leaving would help this game.