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03.26.2013 , 09:29 AM | #16
Thanks a ton for the advice and I appreciate all of it! I did have a good experience last night doing Cademimu for the first time. The guys were patient as heck. We did have a wipe but I donít think it was my fault (those dogs hit hard!).

I do have a question though. Iíve been focusing on mods more than the gear itself. For instance, instead of upgrading whole pieces of armor/weapons, Iíll just upgrade the mods it has. If I get an item I canít use, but it has an enhancement I can, Iíll strip it instead of sale it. Do worry, Iíll never need on an item just cause it has a mod I can use. Wise or not?

Also, I started playing when the only west coast PVE server available was Harbinger so that's were I'm at.