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Serious kudos for that post shoogli.
Well thank you and am doing some more and it gets even more complicated, please bear with me as I'm trying to explain it the best I can :

Steps to reproduce :
  • open character sheet, then ship tab, write down the rate of fire and blaster dmg as seen on the sheet.
  • unequip both laser cannons (beam generator) AND blast condensers (beam charger).
  • again, write down the rate of fire and blaster dmg as seen on the sheet.
  • now re-equip ONLY the Laser cannon.
  • Write down the dmg.
  • now un-equip again.
  • now equip both, IN THIS ORDER : blast condenser FIRST then laser cannons second.
  • Write down numbers.
  • then unequip both again.
  • then equip FIRST the laser cannons, THEN the blast condensers.

On the test I just made on my sorcerer ship, I go from any combination of :

0 or 30 or 100 dmg
4.0 or 6.0 rate of fire

in ANY combination of those... When both pieces ARE equipped (I even get rate 6.0 and dmg = 0 on some odd unequip/re-equip combination)

THEN, when i finally get 100dmg and 6.0 rate of fire I go do ascendency barrier and it still takes 14 bolts no matter what the PCM is set on to get the small ships down...

Here's the kicker :

I quit the mission in the middle, and then open my char sheet again, results are :

Ship dmg = 30
rate of fire = 6.0

whereas it was 100 dmg just before I started the mission...

This was on the sorcerer ship... I'll go see what the numbers are on the others and update this post.

EDIT : just tested also on consular, agent and smuggler ships = same thing happens with the equip-unequip combos. Also it's not just the equip that locks down the ships dmg, it needs also several combos of equip/unequip both or only one at a time, then both then one, etc... to get the best values back on the sheet : 100 dmg and 6.0 rate of fire.

No offense meant, but it's mind boggling...
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