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Thanks babyboom, that is interesting. Testing on mine (also nerfed) I'm seeing 100 for my base blaster damage. Can I ask what Beam Generator and Beam Charger you're using, if you're not using the Blast Condenser and Laser Cannons?
i am using both as grade 7, but use older ship armor... the one that gives +5 blaster damage, that is why i get 5 extra on the 30...
one more interesting thing is that when i reequip ship armor it goes from 30 down to 5, or 10 depending on relog
and yes! my mate i using old beam charger (the one that gives 90 blaster damage and 50 toughness) and he doesnt have ANY problems...

it really seems that grade 7 beam charger is bugged
with strange combination from other pieces that give extra damage (like my ship armor)