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03.26.2013 , 09:08 AM | #23
Having this problem too - my blaster damage is listed as 30 in my character screen ship tab, and whilst it does change to 100 when equipping my cannons, it switches back to 30 after relogging or attempting a space mission. Emphasis on 'attempted', since I was struggling to shoot down a single fighter.

In an attempt to see if any of the ship parts was broken, I intended to try swapping them out one by one for the grade 5 versions bought off the vendor, starting with the blast condensor since that seemed the most obviously broken. After putting in a grade 5 beam generator, my blaster damage tooltip updated correctly, and I was able to complete Regnant Station Assault and all three bonus objectives just fine. This was with the Trooper ship.

Hope that helps. Seems to me the grade 7 beam generator is the problem.