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I get it. You are trolling. You got me bud, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Only a troll wields "butthurt" that often. Well done.

To anyone else listening, this thread has nothing to do with the direction of the movies. I probably should have clarified that to combat the desire of trolls. When I am saying that Disney owes the fans an explanation, I am talking about an overall explanation covering the dismantlement of LucasArts and the animation studio.
You should have put that in the OP. And btw, I said in my first post that Disney owes us nothing. And for that you delve into a posting history to pull out an unrelated topic for deflection. By going to something Harrison Ford said publicly? Don't get bent, man.

The gaming part of LA has been really dismembered for years. Disney just pulled the plug off the life support system. They have only been licensing out the Star Wars brand to other gaming devs like Bioware for one. The last time they did a game in-house has been many years. Disney owes nothing other than a "we're trimming the fat" on that one. And with just doing licensing deals, Disney already has people on the payroll doing that for them. Why pay 2 people to do 1 job?

As for the animation studio, I didn't know it was completely dismantled. I know CW is canned but the guy in charge said they were already starting another project which sort of hinted as more of a Episode 7 and beyond tie-in or many think sort of a way CW links Episode 2 to Episode 3 only this will link Episode 6 to Episode 7. Again, with that guy making it seem there is already another project in the works for that team and they didn't get fired, Disney doesn't owe an explanation as that is wait and see what we get next from the animation team. Plus going with another animation show by that same teams frees Disney to air it on DXD instead of Cartoon Network -- you know their competition.

Actually I hope they do a new series linking 6 to 7. While CW was good and I was late to that party but enjoying the reruns on a local station still in season 1, part of me does not feel any "urgency" watching it because many characters that are major in the show we know do not die. If they do one that does post-RotJ to lead up to 7, we can guess who lives or dies but we don't KNOW who lives or dies.