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Glad to know I'm not the only one who was frustrated by that. As it turns out though, the free pvp gear you get at level 50 comes with some good stats (aside from the expertise which is pointless in pve) so you can use some of that in a pinch. I'm modding up Lord Kallig's Double-Bladed Lightsaber so I can re-equip it when its viable :-p
the new endgame stuff is kind of a way to get rid of that bottle neck. get the implants, relics, etc from the pvp gear and equip them and get the rest of the gear from the tionese vendor. I just end up selling that gear anyway since i've got stockpiles of columi, rakatta, and blackhole gear sitting in cargo bays in legacy armour waiting for my guys to get to lvl 50. I'm right now working on my 9th lvl 50 so it's a little bit different.

In the begining when you reached 50 you needed probably 3 to 4 weeks of grinding dailies, (including space) to get enough commendations to buy/loot the item modifications to be able to do most of the HM FP's, Also the story mode lvl 50 Fp's would drop tionese gear, and commendations as well and you could do those pretty easily with the green gear from correlia.