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Find for me anywhere around here where I have not supported Disney and their work going forward. You won't even have to go further than this very thread. Saying that Disney would do well to temper folks with an explanation has nothing to do with not supporting them. And you want to end by calling me "butthurt"? I am not the one showing any animosity with the uninformed and idiotic notion that Harrison Ford is only interested in Ep 7 because roles are hard to come by for him.

If you want to fabricate things to support whatever view you are holding, don't get bent if someone calls you out on it.
You can not see the difference in posting what Ford said vs saying Disney owes anything? Then you are hopeless and blind.

Disney owes nothing and your title of the thread is only saying you think they owe the fans an explanation. They do not owe the fans an explanation. But they already gave it by saying it will be original stories. So accept that. If you can't accept that then the butthurt must be strong with you. Accept it and sit back to watch the show or continue to be butthurt until 2015 and probably beyond. I got my popcorn ready. The internet will be hilarious with the tears.

And funny you took out the Indiana Jones part? Coincidence? LOL