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66 Blues/148 rated= New Tionese (minimum for stepping into level 55 flashpoints)
DG/150 rated = A little better than the new tionese but obsolete, just something better to do L55 flashpoints with.
66 Purples/Basic gear/156 rated = New Columi (minimum for stepping into L55 SM ops)
Arkanian/Black market/162 rated= New Rakata (minimum for stepping into L55 HM ops)
Underworld/Verpine/168 rated= New Campaign (BiS and will probably be minimum for stepping into TFB NiM).

the 66 mods are level 53 and can be crafted. actually it is the level 53 crafted mods. meaning that by 55 you should be geared up with purple 66s and ready for 55 hms.

the question now is will players "kick" those "under geared" with level 50 gear from the new 55 hm and ops like they do now? some of the end bosses were challenging with the given 69 gear on the pts. i cant imagine a group of geared 63 with 5k-7k less hps trying to compete on some such bosses. perhaps karma will seek revenge on some of these previous gear kicking snobs.