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As was posted on IMDB:

I truly hope those of you die-hard EU fans don't get your hopes up about your favorite EU character/event being in the new trilogy. Unfortunately, many will and when they're introduced to new characters and events, they'll cry, "It's a terrible trilogy! Worse than the Prequels!" and so on.

It's important to remember that Lucas never supervised EU, that was left to Lucas Licensing. He has always considered it separate. People ask, "Well, why allow authors to write then?" As Hondo said, "It's simply good business."

But, if I were a gambling man, I'd venture a guess that Boba Fett lives (even though Lucas said he did die), because like Jango, it's good business for him to be in it, or some sort of a knock-off who wants to finish what he started.
It all comes down to merchandising and streamlining the storytelling. Lucas never supervised the EU; that was Lucus Licensing who let the EU authors do whatever the fudge they wanted, and we, the fans, suffered for it. (Marvel Star Wars comics anyone?) I say let the EU fans whine and complain about how the EU is ruined. Good for Disney and Lucas. I consider VII a Post-Jedi reboot that has been needed for almost 20 years.
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