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A friend of mine and I were debating this awhile back...was interested to see what you guys thought and why.
As the title says, do you guys think either the Wrath OR Nox(the inquisitor) break the top 10 most powerful sith lords of all time? As expected, he and I have the exact opposite opinion. He thinks the Wrath just barely cracks the top 10 and Nox doesn't even come close. I tend to think Nox just barely makes it and the Wrath just BARELY misses the cut.

My reasoning: The Wrath, while certainly impressive and hand picked by the Emperor himself doesn't have much more than martial prowess in his tool box. Yes, obviously he has other force skills but combat and intimidation alone are not enough to make you one of the ten most powerful Sith of all time. Despite having the respect/fear of members of the dark council, I don't see how the Wrath is any more powerful than the combat master that mentored Bane(sorry forgot his name atm) that had mastered all lightsaber combat forms.

My reasoning: Darth Nox/the inquisitor, I think his/her accomplishments are less impressive than the Wrath to be honest...but he/she makes it in at probably 7-10 or so simply due to the bindings of the ancient sith lords and their power flowing through him/her. Per the canon of the class story, unless another knows the ritual themselves and can sever the spirits(the ritual itself is thought be be myth by virtually anyone who has ever heard of it) then the inquisitor cannot be killed...period.

The example I game my friend...say the wrath walks into the dark council with ALL of them present, Darth Marr included and openly tells them he is going to kill them all...what happens when they ALL attack him? The Wrath dies, no doubt. Now picture if the Inquisitor does the same....well..unless one of them knows the ritual...they can mangle him, beat him, cripple him and unleash the full extent of their power but will not be able to kill him.....

So again...does either make your top 10 most powerful sith of all time?? why/why not?