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I would honestly peg Warzones as the single best avenue for getting your name out there and becoming known, with the eventual goal of being invited to OPs when a guild needs a pug, or pug needs an extra, etc. Its' what I did with my first toon on 2 different servers, and people vouching for me even though I was in unaugmented pvp gear got me invites. (Also War Hero destroys Tionesse gear as far as fresh 50s go.)

For one they provide upfront experience, you're not smashing braindead quest mobs, or being overleveled and clearing flashpoint bosses, you'll be playing against actual players many of whom on your own class. So you'll start to see first hand on a game by game basis how you stand up to others like you, what classes are doing what, etc. Short of leveling up a class yourself the single best way to get a feel for it is playing against it in pvp. Which will help greatly in all aspects of gameplay as you become more familiar with which classes can do what.

Second, every match you'll be with 15 other players. Many of whom are alts of players from well-established guilds. As far as exposure goes, that's the most people you'll probably ever be playing with at one time. Not only that but over time you'll be matched and become familiar players from a wide-range of levels (1-49) unlike PvE content where you're limited by planet, or groupfinder level-range.

It doesn't even matter if your server is RP, or PvE either.. Lowie warzones give amazing experience, and break up the monotony of planet quests for veteran players, so they're almost always active.

You don't even have to treat every game like a resume or worry about winning the leaderboards. Simply using the Warzones to find better rotations and try out established specs will be a benefit in and of itself. But if you consistently play warzones and frequently play and speak with the same players. Your friendslist will grow exponentially compared to if you had just solo-quested and did flashpoints. And at the end of the day meeting other players is the single best way to become a part of guilds/groups.