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03.26.2013 , 06:41 AM | #20
I vote against anything that would make the queues longer than they already are. It can be a pain for dps to get to a fp at all.

And for mob skipping, if there is no bonus, I'd prefer to skip everything I can. Why? Because I do fps because I want to do something else than killing random enemies that offer me no challenge at all. If I want to do just that, I can just do normal quests. However, if the mobs actually provide some challenge (There's at least 1 at Hammer Station that can cause a wipe, and also a few in red reaper, love fighting those), and I'm more than happy to fight them, but for me, killing everything in the fp is like leveling by running around the planet killing random mobs instead of doing missions.
BUT, if the fp has a bonus, then I'm all in for doing it, because it gives an additional boss, and bosses are the reason I do fps. They are fun to fight.