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I don't get what you are complaining about. I've not seen a single episode in game where Satele looks younger. The holo videos, she looks aged and lined as she does in person, just not as perceptible because of the blue transparent look. If you are referring to the videos, those videos are long ago in the past; Deceived is the last, 10 years ago with the sacking of Coruscant, Hope is before that, a victory the Republic had that forced the Empire to do its desperate attack on Coruscant in Deceive that brought the cease fire, and then Return is where it all began which is the start of the war.

Actual ingame footage

And here's a screen shot I just did while talking with the terminal for Hammer Station:

argh, ***, photobucket be resizing it -_-

here's the actual screen shot if you want to get a good look:

Monitor 1: 1680x1050
Monitor 2: 19020x1080 (gave me headaches so can't use it as primary /sadface)

-That's why there's a black bar at the bottom; it's exactly 30pixels "tall"

Now I can't get a screenshot of Satele since my Knight is past the 'story instances' that feature her (he's lvl 22 atm). So, anyone out there got some time or able to provide a current ingame shot of her; try and do like I did and get it when the camera is focus-zoomed on her.

As for my complaint, it's not so much a complaint; just a "why did you (BW) change this model". Because personally, I thought it (the game) was maybe 5yrs after the Deceived Trailer, which depicted the Sacking....well start of the sacking. And I figured the Deceived Trailer came after the Hope Trailer (timeline-wise).

I say this because I'm looking at the Deceived right now at at 1:54 it shows his face and you can clearly see the damage from the thermal grenade he ate in Hope. The wiki also states that in 'Hope' he was defeated; not killed.

So, it sort of threw me for a loop when I started the next Beta and found her old.

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