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03.26.2013 , 05:41 AM | #3679
The straw that broke the cammels back.

Goodbye TEHEE, NS, SNX, Synergy, Reverence, ROTJ, WOTR, Corvus, Vindication, Excession, ALBG, Autobots and SPC just to name a few dalborra guilds.

A big goodbye to IZO, SPK, Katarn, Lims, Lajeer, Vesia, Ero, Aspect, Nash and MJ'Rat.

I will miss out tripple threat commando troll in PVP and our little "Redemption are scrubs" digs with A Little Bit Gimp. I enjoyed my time in Redemption but this APAC decision is the straw the broke the cammels back.

I missed the Dalborra community playing on Khaz'goroth WOW server and will miss them again.


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