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03.26.2013 , 05:32 AM | #3675
The amount of damage you have caused to your company today with the thoughtless announcement of the APAC server demise is unfathomable.

This situation as a whole is due to one wrong decision after another. The amount of mistakes Bioware have made during the life of this game in Australia is staggering as you will find through my fellow APAC posts.

The decision for a server merge should have happened 6 months ago with the ability to transfer to and from the new APAC super server if you wanted to play on PVP/RP. In our opinion this is still not out of the question. Bioware seem to think 150 people on fleet is unplayable, its a lot better than 30 and to have our beautiful ping remain would see a lot of players re sub as well as people return from US servers.

I would have also thought the process to be quick and painless if you were going to commit to such a huge decision. NO ETA is worse than telling us this news and should have been delayed until you had specifics. It should be planned to coincide with the new expansion so we level with those we will be joining.

Also more people would have been more understanding if this was announced as a financial decision if these servers were not longer viable (If we had been merged 6 months ago and super server failed not as many would be heartbroken). Very little effort has been put into this decision and those responsible should no longer hold that position in decision making. I will be actively attempting to find and talk to those that can actually make sure BIOWARE NEVER treat a paying customer like this again.

I am thinking maybe less than half the APAC server population will survive this transfer.

I will salute those who stuck it out in the tough times on the APAC servers.

Good luck to those who have moved already, those that moved on and those I still battle with.

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