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03.26.2013 , 05:31 AM | #3673
^agreed ^

Why have they not designed a cross server game-play style that WoW provides.....REALITY..... because they are not willing to spend the money to invest in this, as our concerns as APAC subscribers mean nothing to them. WE ARE A MINORITY.

(WoW did this and surprise, surprise...... the game began to succeed with faster queue times, a higher population growth of happier gamers and eventually a dedicated Australian server was also formed. You think for a game that had millions spent on it, and for it to compete with the biggest MMO, Bioware and EA would have had this covered to help population issues among servers.... )

I came from Harbinger like many of us Aussies did. I am getting 75-129mms on Dalborra atm and I dread to think what it will be on Harbinger upon transfer. Won't lag times increase even more when they shift everyone over there? Do people forget when you had to line in a queue of 200ppl for 30mins on a weekend to simply log in????

Looks like my assassin will now be turning into a rogue.....can't believe I never rolled one before when I played.

Check it b4 they wreck it...

'It's like paying money for a freshly cooked steak. Then a year and a bit later they start serving you 3 day old 'lag steak' for the same price.'