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03.25.2013 , 06:22 PM | #3350
Not that you have a choice apparently, but I'd like to to say welcome to the Harbinger,Dalborra players. I'm an off hours player so I'm sure I'll be around at least when you guys are on.

On the other hand : As a Harbinger player I'm also a little concerned about further worsening the server instability. Chat servers and mail servers have been sketchy for a week or so as is. The Harbinger has also crashed the most of any server as far as I'm aware. Merging Dalborra ( the highest pop APAC server if I understand correctly) with the Harbinger ( one of the highest pop US servers) seems a little scary. I spose they oughta redirect some of the defunct APAC resources into beefing up the server stabilty of the Harbinger/ Bastion ect?

Also, please refer to this for Harbinger Indoctrination :