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I have been playing the game sine Early Access, with the exception of a 3-4 month break in mid 2012. I have played almost exclusively on NA West Coast servers; originally Ajunta Pall and now Begeren Colony. My main play style is Warzone PVP and a little questing. My ping usually sits at the high 180s to low 240s on a bad day. I have no problem doing well in PVP in this climate. I don't often have long waits for queue pops, except for very late at night and even then usually less than 10 mins. On weekends it's very quick to pop.

I lost some character names during the original server merge process, which I admit was upsetting, but I have moved on and still love my characters. I tried playing on the APAC servers at launch and while I noticed that the ping made a difference in PVP, it was not such that I felt crippled going back to the NA server. Ultimately I left the APAC servers after a while due to the higher population on Begeren Colony making the game much more enjoyable.

I really hope that you guys stick with the game. I understand a lot of the frustration - I went through some similar issues when Ajunta Pall closed down and felt rather betrayed and angry. But it all worked out, I'm happy in the game and with my server.

I'm certainly not here to tell you that you're wrong to be upset, just to share my experience.

Glad you are happy with it. Thing is we have already all played on american servers. And for PvP the ping makes a massive difference, from knock back angles, interupts, cc breaks. Enough to make or break a fight.

I just dont think I am "willing" to handle that crap all over