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Crafting is only dead if you specialize in crystals, speeders and BiS-only item modifications (2.0 change). I just got into crafting heavily, mostly to gear my own alts, but I have found success selling many, many mid level green, blue, and purple modification items (hint: advanced skill barrel does very well, with all those folks leveling snipers and drooling over thier 2.0 fotm-ness), stims, augments and kits, and yes, even orange moddable gear. I've sold recently, for instance, at least 10 marauder's boots at an average of 7k each with excess mats. I know, this is not making me rich in each sale, but when you sell a lot of items in the 5 to 20k price range it starts to add up.

I do have quite a few alts, with maxed crafting and gathering skills, and I do have the opportunity to farm a lot of mats to feed my more valuable crafting skills, but... The idea that crafting is dead it just isn't true imo.
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