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I have a major concern about the implementation of these character transfers to US servers.

I have been a player and subscriber of this game since EGA back in 2011. Since then I have created -many- toons, all of which people in the Oceanic community of Dalborra recognise as being a representation of me as a player. My concern is that if we are forcibly moved to another server, the character names I chose nearly 18 months ago, the character names I have been known by and referred to, may be stripped away from me.

Some people may not see this as being a huge issue (yeah sure, it's a game, get over it - right?). But when you've played with people from your global region (firstly on Jekk'Jekk Tarr, and now on Dalborra - soon to be Harbinger), and they've played with you always under those same names and are even able to put a real life face to your character names along with the personality that goes with it, it's a little disconcerting knowing that I may lose that.

I have spoken to some people on Dalborra who, like me, have 12 or more toons that they created at painstaking length to ensure the toon looked the way they wanted and the name they chose fit. If we are forced to give those toons second-rate names that don't fit with what we first imagined, I know for a fact some people are going to unsub. Renaming my 16 toons -names that nigh on everyone from Dalborra knows me by- is NOT something I am willing to do just because BioWare decided my account has to be moved. If they want to forcibly move our server's population, the least they can do is let us keep our original character names, especially since the majority of us left on the Oceanic servers are players who have been following and supporting this game since pre-release.

Besides, if the server transfers are to help 'better our playing experience', I personally don't think that is possible if we have to go through a renaming process for every single character and then somehow figure out who all our old friends are, what they've changed their toons' names to etc. etc.
Not sure if it'll work the same way again, but last time they did merges if there was a name conflict, the character which had a longer life/playtime got to keep the name. So one possible option for you is to rack up some extra hours on your characters with names more likely to be conflicted.
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