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03.25.2013 , 05:55 PM | #3336
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Exactly dude, I'd rather play on a server that has people and suffer a ping increase. To all the people saying "**** this I'm unsubbing, why are you still here posting on the forums? If "this is the last straw" there's no need to stay and whinge. Sure merging apac servers would have been good but it's not the end if the world. At least now I can play my mains on a server that has people. Good post jack xD
I think the problem with both your posts is that you are trying to tell people what they should or shouldn't find acceptable, I don't really care at all that you/jack think it's fine and we should "get over it" and I'm sure you couldn't care less I find high ping game-breaking. So in my opinion it's best to stick to stating what you think and leave it at that. Whinging is just a matter of perspective, you could consider jacks entire post a whinge but because you agree with it, to you it is not.

As to the fact that... "This Thread Was Made to Address The Population Issues on The APAC Servers" I'm not sure shutting down the servers really counts as addressing APAC population issues. No servers, no issue, I suppose it works in a behead someone to cure cancer sort of way.