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Concerning obvious war zone dominance,

We all get beat and before I start this conversation I will say there are times I am just frustrated and would like to point a finger somewhere. But honestly look at the scores and other stats after the macth. I have played one game against one specific Pub guild where our top player in kills was 5 or 6 and was ranked below their lowest ranked.

That may not be hacking, but its the equivalent of an NBA team playing a little league team. There are elements and methods in any MMO that if used effectively can cause a massive in-balances in 1v1. If u can get a bunch of MMO gamers to work together as a team, that same effect is then multiplied, Most other groups may follow general patterns of play to support each other, but they are not as flexible and effective as a team where every members actions supports the whole field and is directed completely towards generating as high of numbers in each category. I also say good job at showing me how effective this can be and for having the dedication to put in the time towards accomplishing these goals.

U do not need to hack to use the system and gain a major advantage. Real practiced organized teamwork is great, but kinda spineless when u know that 85% of your opponents will be a PUG group. As a lvl 50 merc in newbie armour in a WZ I am used to being on the receiving end. But in a this particular situation, I realized I was totally useless. I asked a team member if I was really that bad and they just said no and do not expect any more fun in WZ tonight.

At a certain point I need to ask myself what is really being gained. It would be like me beating my niece in chess versus playing her for enjoyment. There is a difference between being a top tier player in a competitive environment with random variables versus someone who needs to control their environment so that they can get pleasure from announcing they are a winner.
If you're doing 50 WZ, its not pleasure anymore. Its end game, its working towards getting the best gear, this attitude of I'm a casual therefore I am entitled to rights is the same saying as "I just go to 50 and I deserve to be able to go butt naked into Ops and downing bosses left right and center while playing one handed".

Not sure why people play "casual" at 50 and expect rewards given to you on a silver platter. You gotta earn it , and your attitude of being useless doesn't help.