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03.25.2013 , 05:47 PM | #3332
Guys, its obvious now and undeniable. Their decision was not made to be the best for us and they know it. They simple dont wnat to pay for our super server. I dont see how they cant, but it s a business decision. This news really pissed me off as well, cuase i only wnat to pvp and i cant now. But when has bioware shown us any respect as customers? Why should I respect them knowing undeniably that they dont give a damn about us? I un suubbed ages ago but i still have 50days left of playing time, i shall use it well and always remmeber the epxerince of playing a game managed by bioware.

undeniably, they basically said '**** you apac players' and flipped us the bird, in a polite way but undeniable.

RIP APAC servers