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Considering the state of Post-ROTJ lore, I had to create someone overpowered. Luke being as he is leaves little room for non-OP villains. I had to create someone that wasn't a celestial being, but could be Luke's rival.

My thinking on this was 'Since Luke is so powerful, there is no point in making a normal villain.' I had to create someone that posed a real threat to Luke and the galaxy without making a new Abeloth.

That is somewhat true. I'm dealing with a similar issue in my own story, which is set after the YV Wars. Rather than just engage in brinkmanship with the more overpowered characters, however, I'm focusing on developing characters who use nonlinear methods to engage people more powerful than themselves.

I see it as more of a mental chess game, where obviously the titans in the Jedi Order; Luke, Jaina, Jacen, etc. could crush their enemies... if only they could find them! It's a little bit of classic cloak and dagger, hitting at the defenseless allies to infuriate the powerful Force users.

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This installment of the series is the calm before the storm. So it will be slow, but these final three chapters that I am working on will be action packed.
Ah, by slow I didn't mean that they lacked action, per se. Rather it was more that the plot developed along fairly straight lines, and I found myself skimming ahead to see if things took a turn. Once it became obvious that a prison escape was planned, it would have been more interesting to see it develop faster, or at least to have other, more complex plot lines develop alongside it so that they created dramatic tension as the escape drew imminent.
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