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Players are not at fault for the heavy XP penalty applied to groups with a difference of more than a couple of levels, that rest solely at Bioware's feet. Players simply want to get their daily done, and queue random to do get the daily and GF daily completed together.

Queuing random though means a player might get put in an FP they over level by 5 or more levels, resulting in little XP for the player as the mobs are all green (and possibly grey) while also resulting in the other players getting very little due to the heavy penalty lower level players receive when grouped with higher level players.

Some solutions include narrowing the bands for each flashpoint (not recommended as wait times already suck) or changing the XP formulas for groups using GF (normalize all XP per player as though each player is killing same level mobs with same level group mates).

As for skipping, I skip anything that is annoying or out of the way.

Want to kill the champ droids in Cademimu - good luck tanking it yourself or waiting for another.

Want to kill X droids in Foundry - no problem, most are killed along the way and the extra ones only take a few moments.