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Anyways. This class was really fun and challenging, about a month ago, before I optimized keybinds etc. Now it is kind of boring. I have no idea why it is getting these buffs, but whatever. In before rage, blah blah. I could care less. Just saying it how it is, and wanted to help those people who may have been roadblocked to also being FOTM, due to keybinds etc.
I was surprised to discover how fun Sniper is to play. Due to the cover mechanic, I initially thought it would be a very static and boring class. I quickly learned that I could be quite mobile with it and the class became very enjoyable, especially in the wake of lolsmashers.

I'm going to enjoy my Sniper's time in the sun. I actually won't mind seeing more Snipers around since there are currently so few. For example, my guild only has three level 50 Snipers in its ranks. No doubt, a nerfbat will smack us at some point, but oh well...welcome to the MMO PvP class balancing act.
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