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03.25.2013 , 04:07 PM | #3271
This is such a terrible decision. I struggle to believe that the people at Bioware decided this was what we actually wanted and rather that they'd rather get rid of the APAC servers and save some cash. After all this time this is the decision you come up with??

I'm on the lowest populated Oceanic server and WZ queues are not great, but we still get 1-3 wz's going for both 50s and lowbies. If this tripled (or quadrupled from MDN perspective) with a consolidated APAC server we would be very very happy. There is a huge lag difference. 75-90% of the responses were for an APAC merge, not this.

I thought this was in the bag. (almost) everyone wanted an APAC super server.

I'm totally going to be unsubbing now.