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03.25.2013 , 03:22 PM | #3249
Add another to the people who will not be resubscribing. I play SW:TOR for the low ping on the Australian Servers. i have characters who never got transferred on the American Servers and while the population is high i find it much harder to play. I will now be looking for another MMO i guess. Simply put EA/Bioware didn't care enough about providing a good gaming experience and just want the fastest and cheapest way out. I also wish that they would not try and justify themselves by saying people will be giving up the way they play by merging the servers. Since open world pvp doesn't really happen except in the dailies areas most people couldn't care less.

Since it appears that they replied i want to say this, we want a larger population yes put we don't mind having to wait a little. We want the Australian Servers and a lot of people on the Australian Servers play for that reason. If we wanted high population servers we would have already gone to the American Servers. If the Australian Servers are closed i for one will not continue playing this game after my subscription runs out and it appears so will many others. Simply the Australian Servers are costing more than the population is worth and it is cheaper and easier to close them.