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Think about it guys... They have taken out all the costs to support the APAC community which means they can afford to lose 100% of the subscribers so they don't give a **** how many unsub or what the better decision is. They are treating this game as a business rather than a good playing experience for everyone.

We can't win.
We can win, just vote with your wallet.

Huge BW fan here, I've bought so many BW games over the years and really enjoyed them - KOTOR, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I was actually planning to go back through ME3 soon when the last DLC comes out but they won't see that money now. Any future releases I will just wait until they are $2 weekly at my local video shop. Bioware will NEVER see another cent of my money ever again.
Unsubbed! Voting against the APAC server closures - with my wallet.